Petal stays bright and colourful by drinking healthy drinks and ignoring the sweet ones.

Vegetron 5000

Vegetron is always full of energy because he makes sure to eat 2 fruits and 5 vegetables each day.

Little Foot

Little Foot is always on the move. Walking, riding his bike or skating are his favourite things to do.

Chameleon Cam

When Cam spends too much time in front of the screen, he turns a dull grey. Cam always feels better when he puts down the console and heads outside.


Goldie gets pretty thirsty swimming around and drinks 8 cups of water a day.

Glar, Blar and Narr

Glar, Blar and Narr eat the right types of foods three times a day.


Bounce the party Kangaroo keeps healthy snacks tucked away in her pouch.

Activity Alex

Alex is loves walking, tumbling, rolling and blading around.

Everyone needs help to stay healthy.

The Active 8 are here to provide inspiration and

remind you of the things you can do to be the

fittest, healthiest and happiest version of you.

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Activity Alex
Challenge #1

Alex couldn’t decide which after school activity was the best, so she chose them all! Alex loves walking, tumbling, rolling and blading around.

To be as active as Alex, try the following:

Do two sport, dance or other activity sessions outside of school each week that make your heart beat and breathing faster

Go for a family walk at least once a week

Vege-tron 5000
Challenge #2

Vege-tron 5000 can tell exactly how many fruit and vegetables to eat because he can see through the window on his robo-stomach. Vege-tron loves going to school and playing with friends. Vege-tron is always full of energy because of eating 2 fruits and 5 vegetables.

Vegetron suggests you try to:

Eat vegetables with your dinner at least 5 days a week

Eat 2 fruit and 5 vegetable serves a day

Challenge #3

Like most fish all Goldie really needs is some water to swim in and a mechanical aquarium to walk to the park. Goldie gets pretty thirsty swimming around and drinks 8 cups of water a day. Goldie’s favourite thing to do is have a nice cold glass of ice water after playing outside.

Goldie suggests you try the following:

Swap a sweet or fizzy drink for water each day

Drink 6-8 cups of water a day

Challenge #4

Petal is flower who believes 'You only get out what you put in'.
That's because to grow up bright and colourful she needs to drink healthy drinks and ignore the bad ones. Drinking the wrong things
makes her a little wilty.

But by drinking plenty of water and ignoring the sweet stuff there is no limit to how bright and beautiful she can become. You can often find petal playing in the park with a smile on her face.

Skip the sweet stuff and aim to:

Drink no more than ½ cup (125ml) of fruit juice a day

Aim for no sugary or soft drinks on school days (including diet and light drinks)

Challenge #5

Bounce the Kangaroo is always on the lookout for something healthy to snack on. Sometimes there are only un-healthy snacks to be found, but thats OK because Bounce bought her own. Tucked away in her pouch are fruits and other friendly snacks!

Bounce can still have fun at parties and stay away from Unfriendly snacks. Bounce loves dancing around and having fun with her friends at parties.

To be a healthy snacker like Bounce, your challenge is to:

Swap an Unfriendly food for a Friendly food at least once a day

Eat no more than 7 Unfriendly snacks a week (e.g. chips, lollies, chocolate, biscuits, cakes and soft drinks)

Glar, Blar and Narr
Challenge #6

This three headed visitor from another world is three times the fun! Glar, Blar and Narr use their telekinetic will-power to lift up food with their minds. They also use their normal willpower to eat the right types of foods three times a day.

Glar, Blar and Narr’s favourite game is rock paper scissors.

To be like Glar, Blar and Narr, try the following:

Eat unrefined starchy foods (e.g. wholegrain bread, porridge oats) at least twice a day

Eat 3 meals and up to 3 snacks a day

Chameleon Cam
Challenge #7

Cam loves screen time but too much time inside and Cam starts changing colour to a dull grey. Cam always feels better when he puts down the console and heads outside. You can tell because Cam’s colour comes right back bright as ever.

Chameleon Cam’s favourite game is basketball.

Do you turn grey like Cam from spending too much time in front of a screen? Try to:

Swap 30 minutes of screen time (TV, computer, electronic devices) for something active each day

Aim for no more than 2 hours of screen time a day (TV, computer, electronic devices), excluding homework

Challenge #8

Little-foot is always on the move. Little-foot doesn’t live far from home so walking with his brothers and sisters is the best way to get to school. When school is over you can find Little-Foot riding to a friends house or skating at the park.

Little-Foot’s favourite thing to do is climbing trees outside.

Are you on the move like Little Foot? Try to:

Walk or ride to get to places at least once a day (e.g. to school, park, friends, shops)

Aim for at least 30 minutes of active play outside of school time each day

The Active 8 booklet - Click here to download your free copy of the Active 8 booklet, introducing you to the Active 8 characters and your healthy lifestyle goals!

About Us

About the
Better Health Company

The Better Health Company (previously 
MEND Australia) provide healthy lifestyle  
programs, training, resources and data  
management services for health professionals,
communities, workplaces and families.

About The Active 8

The Active 8 were created to assist children
and families to make healthy lifestyle  
changes following completion of the   
Go4Fun and Better Health Programs.

Our Principles

Each of The Active 8 characters
embodies a key healthy behaviour
for children and families. The eight
healthy behaviours are:

  • Drink water
  • Regularly eat fruit and vegetables
  • Eat regularly
  • Limit consumption of sweet drinks
  • Limit consumption of high fat,
    high sugar foods
  • Participate in structured
    physical activities
  • Increase incidental activity
    (e.g walking, riding, active transport)
  • Reduce sedentary behaviours

Our Aims

Our aim is to help children and
families become fitter, healthier
and happier.

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